Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Haul

I had a record awesome month for tips, last month, and an Ulta opened in town, so I celebrated with some new polishes, including two outside my usual price range (I try to avoid paying more than $8 a bottle, and at $8 I'm pretty fussy) but they're just so gorgeous! And I was celebrating.

Butter London:
- Trustafarian
- Knackered

- Oui
- Spazmatic
- Gilded Coral

- Julieanne
- Sarah (this is going to be my go-to holiday red, I can already tell)
- Dana (much more ordinary in color than I'd usually pay $8 for, but this one I picked up for the name. For... reasons. The same reasons I will one day also own Tallulah and Juliette, and Victoria/Mary Lou if they ever make those. And Amanda. Even though that one's maybe stretching the theme a little (more than Juliette... I can accept a spelling variant). Can anybody guess the theme?

Zoya and Orly were B2G1, can't complain!

- The Muse's Attitude

And then I had to cut my polish budget harshly, due to medical stuff and how expensive that can be... totally worth getting it taken care of, but... dayum, where'd all my monies go?

Nevertheless, I couldn't entirely resist when I found a pile of gorgeous glitter polishes at Walmart. It took a lot of willpower to come home with only the 10 I did. Diamond glitters! Dense multi-size glitters! HOLO BITS!!! *swoon*

Pure Ice:
- Treasure Hunt
- Material Girl
- Hot-Rocks
- French Twist

Maybelline Color Show:
- Rose Bling
- Sapphire Masquerade
- Lavender Sparks
- Cocktail Dress
- Gold's Night Out
- Sea-Quins

As I told the girl at checkout... I have a glitter problem. But I've been resisting two glitterbomb NOPI's, so... I'm not all bad! Could be worse.

I also ordered stamping plates from Red Angel & Bundle Monster! Finally I get to properly join in the stamping fun, I have one plate that came in a super cheap kit from Kiss that I picked up at Walmart ages ago, but it never worked well. Based on what I've seen described as common stamping plate issues, I'm guessing it's not etched deeply enough. But now I have good stamping plates! :D

The Butter London polishes were my big splurge, at $14 a bottle I can't justify to myself buying anything but the most fantastic colors. But a pale green holo and a duochrome-with-holo? I had to wipe away a little drool there!

I'm sneaking up on 500 polishes in my stash... help I have a problem!

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