Saturday, September 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 30 - Inspired by a Tutorial

I absolutely loved the acid-wash tutorial at The Laquerologist, so I picked it for my tutorial challenge day! I didn't follow it exactly, but I never would have thought of this on my own for sure! 

Blinding neon scares cameras, and gives me corpse hands in pics but makes me look tan IRL!

Today I pulled out a set of polishes I picked up cheap at Ross, Haute Nails neons. None of the colors have names that I've been able to find, and when I first tried one of these I had trouble with it dragging and balding and streaking, because they dry SO FAST. I ended up being glad I gave them a second chance this summer though, once I figured out that I had to slow them down by painting thick and start at the edge instead of down the center of my nail, they worked alright. Still a tad streaky, but two careful coats evens things out pretty well, and they make nice glitter undies.

The set has five polishes, all of which I used for my acid wash nails. The green is the weird one, with tiny iridescent glitter and a blue shimmer, it just comes out looking like neon frog skin on its own (but again, glitter undies! I have a fairly densely packed blue glitter franken that goes amazingly well with it). The blue is a pretty standard blue-leaning teal shimmer, there are a lot of similar polishes out there, and this one's formula does leave something to be desired. The purple and red are both basic neon cremes, and the pink has a pretty silver shimmer (yep, the pink's my favorite here. It goes with my swimsuit and *really* makes me look tan!). All except the blue dry matte, and fast.

Aside from the super quick dry time, these polishes don't have much to recommend them. But since this technique requires so many layers, you'd definitely want to use really fast drying polishes, and these are the fastest ones I have. 


  1. I just picked up a set of those Haute Nails polishes and your post is the ONLY reference I can seem to find online! I think I may have different colors than you got too! These little guys just may be the best new hidden gem in my collection. :-)

    1. They're not my favorite polishes for formula, and the glitters in the green kinda make it look like lumpy frog skin... they take a little babying in application, I think because they do dry so fast, but DAMN the dry time is nothing! That benefit alone I think makes them worth having. :)

  2. This is so awesome! Your nails looks great!