Thursday, August 23, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 16 - Tribal Print

This idea was kind of sitting around in the back of my head just waiting for tribal print day.

I started with a base of Nina Ultra Pro - French Roast, then a layer of Essie - As Gold As It Gets. That combo was so pretty I had to take a picture of it before adding the design, and ended up wearing it alone for a few days: 

Isn't that gorgeous?!

For the tribal design I freehanded with a shimmery-black Kiss striper. I planned to do it in plain black but grabbed the wrong striper and didn't realize until I'd already done half my hand. So I just went ahead and finished up with the shimmer.


  1. Great job! I especially love that Nina color layered with the gold Essie. So fall-ish!

    1. That was one of those lucky, saw the bottles sitting next to each other and thought they might layer well moments. :D