Friday, October 12, 2012

(Badly) Dotted Flowers

I'm still working my way through untrieds, despite the whole 31 Day Challenge! I really should scale back my polish purchasing, at least until I catch up!

I'm not super thrilled with this mani. My dots ended up a bit all over the place, it's not very tidy at all. But maybe sharing my fails will help other ladies feel better about their nail art skills or the occasional lack thereof... we're all only human, after all!

For this mani I used three Apple Bottoms polishes (yes, another set from Ross! Great place to find nail polish on the cheap).
The base is Club Queen, the center of the flowers is Gold Mine, and the petals are Rock Star.

Maybe I'll spend a week or two brushing up my dotting skills, now that the challenge is over and I've seen how lacking I am in that department.

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