Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dotted half moons

More dotting practice, and the first one that I'm really happy with! I think I aced the dots on this one :D

It helps that I love the color combination to pieces of course!

I did the half moon freehand over the base, rather than using hole reinforcers as a guide, which doesn't work well for me due to my nails having a high curve. 

The base is Orly Fowl Play, which OMG LOVE. Purple and color shifting flakies and shimmer! So glad I bought this, might need a backup bottle.

For the moons I used Wet & Wild Mauve Frost, and the dots are the light brown shimmer from that Simple Pleasures set I despise for shitty formula (but hey, they work ok for nail art details). 


  1. I struggle with anything like that too))) Striping tape, scotch tape, nail stickers etc. - my nails are too curved! But you did an amazing job!

    1. Yeah, decals often give me trouble, particularly on my pinky nail because it's so little and the curve is more intense... edges are always poking up, no matter how much topcoat I use.