Monday, October 1, 2012

September haul

Again, I was trying to be good about not buying a ton of polishes. But you know how it is with polish addicts! Might have kinda failed this month. :/
I blame the people who keep making duochromes and other gorgeous fall collection colors.

L.A. Girl:
- Dotting kit, which I bought mostly to finally have a proper dotting tool, that came with the tool and three mini creme polishes

- Two Moon Candy duos (flakies with undie pairs), Cosmic and Galactic. I almost bought Universe but restrained myself. Don't feel one bit bad about buying these, since I've been stalking my polish-hunting grounds for a Moon Candy display ever since I first started seeing swatches.

I was being SO good, not buying polishes like a madwoman... and then Walgreens had a $.99 Sinful Colors sale right at the same time I realized I was going to need Rain Storm for one of my 31 Day Challenge ideas... and there was a new collection of metallics... and, well...

Sinful Colors:
- Rain Storm
- Ocean Side
- Happy Ending
- Rich In Heart
- Last Chance (the exact color I wish Revlon had paired with the flakies in Cosmic, would have been perfect)
- Outrages
- HD Nails
- Out Of This World
- Savage
- Hot Spot
- Rise And Shine
- Lavender
- Soul Mate
- Ruby Ruby
- Gone Platinum
- Zincing Of You
- Hot Wired
- Moss Have
- Precious Metal
- Heavy Metal
- Super Nova

...yeah, I went a little overboard. Still, can't beat $.99 polish! But of course, once you start with the polish buying it's hard to stop...

China Glaze:
- Want My Bawdy and No Plain Jane. I gave in and picked up the last two I *didn't* own already from the Bohemian collection.

- Ingenue
- Fowl Play (I've had a lemming for this one for a while, and Sally's had a sale on Orly polishes...)

I also picked up the new China Glaze magnet, though I didn't find any of the new collection of magnetic polishes particularly appealing or different from magnetics I already own.

Sally Hansen:
- Two LustreShine polishes, Copperhead and Lava. The only reason I didn't buy the whole set though, was that I forgot my card and had limited cash... maybe I should shop like that more often!

Nicole by OPI:
- Denim to Earth (TJ Maxx)

Wet & Wild:
- Two from the Fergie collection, Ferguson Crest Syrah (because I can't resist a super-shimmery duochrome like that, even if it might be a dupe for Hard Candy Beetle) and Make Them Boys Go Loco (thinking ahead to Halloween season, and sure enough a week later I found a dupe in the Fantasy Makers halloween display, which is also made by Wet & Wild so dupes are no surprise).
- Deadly Dose, Lethal Injection, and Toxic Apple from the Pick Your Poison collection. I would have gotten Poison Ivy as well if it had been in the display I found, but alas. :(

I also snapped up two glitter eyeliners from the Fantasy Makers display, the purple and the teal. Can't resist the awesome makeup that comes out around Halloween! Maybe one of these days I'll think about doing makeup posts. 

The Moon Candy polishes were the expensive ones this time around, but considering the flakie gorgeousness AND that they're really two polishes in one (even if each bottle is kinda small), I didn't think $7 apiece was a ridiculous price at all.

I also frankened myself what I think is a dupe for OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, because I love the color but OPI formula hates my nails and won't stay on. I just added a single drop of W&W Black Creme to a full (new) bottle of W&W French White Creme.


  1. I bought the fergie ferguson crest syrah as well because it looks so amazing in the bottle but that gold duochrome doesn't translate onto the nail, sadly. Its not a dupe for hard candy beetle AT ALL so no worries. It is a dupe for zoya valerie though.

    1. I haven't officially checked dupe status there, but looking at the bottles side by side they do seem to have some significant difference. Oh well, it's not like my collection isn't full of looked-like-duochrome-in-the-bottle shimmers anyway. And it's certainly gonna be a pretty color.