Saturday, February 23, 2013

Holoberry gradient

I do love me some glittery gradient prettiness. 

The base of this one is Sinful Colors Winterberry, which is absolutely right up my alley. A greyed-out purple with shimmer? One-coat potential? Yes please! (I used two coats here, but only because I painted super thin to save drying time)

For the gradient I pulled out a franken I made a while ago, using an old Maybelline polish I'd had for ages and used up half of (despite being disappointed by the lack of duochrome on the nail, hope of which was the reason I had bought it... the bottle lied!) and half a bottle of Wet & Wild Fastdry Hannah Pinktana. 

I haven't named this particular franken yet, and the lack of name is bugging me! Any suggestions?

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