Monday, March 18, 2013

A dilemma...

I have a problem.

No sooner do I embark on a challenge aimed at curbing my spending on beauty stuff (nail polish included) than I hear about how China Glaze is putting out a holographic collection next month. >.<

You might have noticed I love me some holo. And these... 
(picture from Laquered Lover)

...look absolutely must-have. And of course, they're LE so I can't just wait til I'm done with the challenge. :/

I might, MIGHT be able to convince myself that I don't need every single shade. I could probably skip one or two of the blues, at least, since I don't tend to wear blues all that often and there *are* four of them... 

In good news, I decided to trash that eyeshadow palette (and the other similar one in brights that I had) after using it for a few days. Too much settling in creases, I expect better of any shadow I'm going to let take up my precious bathroom space. Consider us broken up, HT cream shadows!

One eyeliner also quickly followed, as it was too hard to use without warming it with a lighter first, plus it wasn't pigmented enough to be worth the trouble. Bye, unknown (I think it was a bonus with some eyeshadow or something) brown pencil liner!

Still a long way from done, though, even with ridding myself of two of the most likely to take longest. I highly doubt I'll finish by the end of the month!

Help me out here, ladies. Are fabulous, LE holo polishes worth an exception, or should I stay strong and resist the very tempting temptation? I suppose I *could* cheat a little and throw the whole bunch away, since that's allowed under the rules I set... but then I'd feel like I was just wasting some perfectly good products. 

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