Monday, March 11, 2013

10-pan Challenge

In my wanderings around the internets I found this neat idea called the 10-pan challenge. Basically, it forces one to pare down their collection of beauty products, which can be such a daunting task! I know I have far more makeup and such than I really need or even regularly use, and I*am* on an organization kick lately. So here I go. 

The rules: 

No buying new beauty products until the products pictured below are used up or I've decided I just don't want them at all and thrown them away (the nail polish could be given to a friend instead of thrown away... but you get the idea).

Because I want this to be doable I'm giving myself a few exceptions: 
1) I can replace essentials if I use up everything of that type I have (for instance if I use up not only the mascara I picked for the challenge, but all my other mascara as well, I can buy one new mascara even if I haven't used up the other products I picked)
2) I can buy new foundation/powder to match my summer tan, if I need it before I'm done with the challenge (which is quite possible).

I don't have to use all these every day, or even any of them every day. I just can't buy anything new outside of my exceptions until they're gone. 

This might be tough... but if it helps me break my hoarderish habits, it's worthwhile!

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