Tuesday, August 7, 2012

31 DayChallenge Day 12 - Stripes

For stripes I immediately thought of magnetic polish, maybe because I just picked up these four lovelies from Wet & Wild's Magnetic Effect collection.

From left to right, the polishes are No-Gas, Electrically Charged; Can't Resist Your Magnetism; Don't Break The Circuit; and Igniting The Spark.

I love love love how pigmented and vivid the colors in this collection are. If I weren't trying so hard to scale back my polish buying I would have snapped up the whole collection! 

No-Gas looks like a duochrome in the bottle, but it doesn't translate well to the nail. You do get a subtle greenish tint to the shimmer that makes the black a bit less harsh, though, and I'm still glad I bought it.

Can't Resist Your Magnetism and Igniting The Spark are pretty basic magnetic shimmers, nothing particularly special about them other than the color intensity.

Don't Break The Circuit is the standout for me, with little subtly iridescent glassflecks giving it a fantastic sparkle.

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