Monday, April 9, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro Purple-xing and Sally Hansen Gem Crush Lady Luck

Purple-xing is a purple creme base with silver microglitter and larger holo glitter. Possibly some smaller holo glitter as well but there's too much going on here to be sure! Surprisingly enough the base doesn't dull the glitter much. A little, but not as much as I expected it to. Pic is with top coat, this doesn't dry super shiny.

After wearing this at work and chipping the hell out of the tips, I wasn't quite ready to take it off yet so I covered up the chipping by sponging on gradient tips with Lady Luck:

Like everything in the Gem Crush line, Lady Luck has a clear base packed with microglitter and a scattering of larger pieces. Here the microglitter is pink and the larger glitters are holo, the same as the larger holo glitters in Purple-xing. This was super gritty and took several layers of topcoat to smooth out, but I love the glitter bomb effect :D

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