Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle - Bold Buff and Sinful Colors - Glass Pink

Well well, first post time! I guess I'll show off the polishes I'm rocking today. First I used Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle - Bold Buff.

I love this polish, it matches my skin tone and even though it's a bit sheer at one coat, it smooths out nicely and covers well enough to hide all the stains and icky yellowing (a bit of yellow shows on my pinky in the pic, but it's not noticeable IRL). 

(sorry for the fuzzy lint or whatever it is on my middle nail in the pic. I didn't notice until uploading the pics, and it's in every single one, but vanished for the next set... no idea what happened there!)

I wanted a little extra girlyness on my nails today, so I put Sinful Colors - Glass Pink over the top.
Very sheer, with my icky stained nails I can't wear this on it's own, but the shimmer is just gorgeous. I'm not sure I can describe it properly... almost like a subtle pastel holo shimmer when the light's just right, but that doesn't translate well in pictures apparently. Most of the time it looks like a silvery white shimmer. A bit of the orange-to-green shows on my pointer finger, but the rest washed right out.

I don't know why Sinful Colors don't get more love, I have yet to find one of their colors I don't adore. They tend a bit toward the sheer side, but for gals like me who don't mind a bit of nail line showing through, it's not a problem. I'd wear sheers more often if I hadn't screwed up my nails by not using base coat... now that I've seen the error of my ways I'm just waiting for the stains to grow out. I tried buffing, which helped but made my nails thin and too easily breakable before it got the stains all the way off. So I'm growing the thin bit out too. :( 

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