Saturday, September 1, 2012

August's haul

I tried to be good in August. I really, really tried. My goal originally was to not buy any polish that wasn't last-chance clearance or some absolutely amazing LE. ...yeah, I didn't exactly make that goal... broke it by the end of the first week. But I *tried*.

- Gold Coast (LE, sheer shimmery deliciousness)
- Not So Blueberry (duochrome and scented!)

- silver magnetic
(I love magnetic polishes. And I love duochrome polishes. They combined two of my favorite things and I have no ability to resist that!)

- Dive Bar
(for the duochrome, surprise...)

- 3 piece set of nail care: rebuilding protein, cuticle oil, and a fast dry topcoat ($5 at TJ Maxx!)

Rue 21:
- neon pink/blue/violet layered
- pastel purple/pink/teal layered
(I've always wondered about how those multi-color layered or swirled polishes would look in use. Rue had some appealing color combinations on a two-fer sale so I picked up these to try)

Wet & Wild:
- Bad For Credit Cards (I think it's LE... gorgeous dirty-silver magnetic)

Overall I don't think I did too badly. The most expensive of all these was the Essie at $8, but it's SO gorgeous I feel 100% justified in owning it. Everything else was $6 or less, mostly less. In all I only spent about $30 on nail stuff, and that is a HUGE improvement over the days not so long ago when I'd spend $50 on polish alone in a single shopping trip. I feel pretty good about this.

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