Monday, May 21, 2012

Eclipse nails!

So who watched the solar eclipse yesterday?

My boyfriend has a 8" telescope with a sun filter. Guess what got brought out for the occasion? That's right. :D

Took some fun pics, and got inspired to paint some special nails. Ready for it?

At the peak of the eclipse from my area; I didn't get to see it go total

Eclipse shadows!

And then we took the filter off the telescope and did some cool camera tricks with it (the filter, not the filterless telescope. It's a Really Bad Idea to try to look at the sun through a telescope without a filter. Think of how you can start a fire with a magnifying glass... now imagine how much more a telescope magnifies... Got it? Good. Don't try it.)

Oh look, the sun stuck to the phone hehe!

It likes me!

Ok, ok, on to the nails! I started with Finger Paints - Art Nouv-Yellow as a base, then used a black L.A. Colors striper to paint the various degrees of eclipse. Super easy, but so very awesome. 

I have horrid thumb hangnails. Many apologies.

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