Monday, May 14, 2012

Mermaid prom queen nails

I mentioned in my last post that I badly wanted Night Sky (from Claire's) to go opaque. Well, I managed to get it there with four coats... I might could have done with three, but I was sensitive about the yellow stains Oledia left me with. :(  Next time I think I'll put this over something to conserve the fabulous glitter. It dried a bit gritty, took 3 coats of topcoat to smooth out properly.

My camera doesn't like rainbows apparently... but trust me, those glitters are HOLO

This is so incredibly sparkly IRL. After putting on layers and layers of Night Sky I thought it needed something extra to fancy up the bling and OMG RAINBOW, so I fished medium holo hex glitters out of one of the polishes from the Precious Metals set and lined them up along the edge of my nail to make a skinny french-tip effect. I cannot get over how awesome this looks!

Seriously. Night Sky throws off moderate rainbows in shade and artificial light... in full sun it's nearly blinding.

Totally prom-queen appropriate, and it keeps making me think of mermaid princesses. I really do not want to take this off, and I've already been wearing it three days. Despite several of the tip glitters having come off and minor chipping thanks to work being hard on my hands, I can't bring myself to reach for the acetone just yet. 

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